About Monrovia

Monrovia, cultural and economic center of Liberia

Bustling and vibrant, Monrovia is the cultural and economic center of the Republic of Liberia. A city that welcomes all. Monrovians are known for their welcoming spirit, jovial energy, and enticing cuisine.

Founded in 1822, the capital city is rich with history and opportunity. The seat of the government and home to the nation’s Freeport, Monrovia is also home to the majority of the country’s universities and colleges. Thus, the city houses the financial center, historical foundation, and the future of the nation.

A city focused on development, Monrovia is also leading the way for the rest of the country in its approaches to sustainability and climate change. With its distinct and historic neighborhoods and it is a wonder to see the modernity spread through the city. High-rise buildings can be found just down the street from lovely 19th-century villas. Attractions to visit include the Liberian National Museum, Providence Island, the Executive Pavilion, Capitol Hill, and the new Invincible Park.

Monrovia is ever-growing and changing while maintaining its historical roots. Known for its biodiversity, exotic flora, and beautiful beaches. The city and its people await you.