Thank you for your interest in registering to attend and participate in the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) 2019 Summit in Durban, South Africa – 9th-11th November 2019.

GPM mayors and non-member mayors are invited to the Summit. Each participating mayor is entitled to bring one supporting staff member as well as an interpreter if needed. The working language of the Summit will be English.

Please use this form to register attendance for each delegate.

For all other enquiries on participation at the Summit, please contact the GPM Secretariat on highlighting the nature of your interest in attending or if you have been invited to contribute to one of the themed sessions, please indicate this on your registration form.

Thank you


The Summit will be free of charge for GPM member Mayors. Non-member Mayors will be requested to pay a participant fee which allows them to participate in the debates and votes at the Summit in Durban and on the Mayors App (Virtual Platform) between September to December 2019.

I am member of the Global Parliament of Mayors.I would like to become member of the Global Parliament of Mayors, please send me the registration form.I will pay the participant fee, please send me the invoice. (EU, North America and Australia: 250 euro. Africa, Asia and South America: 100 euro)I am not a (Deputy) Mayor, the Mayors' participant fee does not apply to me.


I don’t need a visa to enter South AfricaI need a visa to enter South Africa, please send me a visa letter

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