20 April, 2021 – Over 143 million people will be displaced by 2050 in Africa, Latin America and South Asia if we do not take steps to address climate change (World Bank). We must act now. The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) has joined forces with the British Council to put a spotlight on city leaders and the importance of local action.

Keynote Speaker António Vitorino, Director General of IOM
At the High Level Meeting on “Uniting Mayors for Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges”
Reflections on the impact of climate change and the rise of sea levels on climate-related migration and the recommendations of mayors to go forward.

Mayors are optimally placed to address local challenges associated with climate displacement, working in tandem with their national and regional counterparts. The GPM will support these city leaders with tools and resources to take local action to address this global challenge. With the project ‘Uniting Mayors for Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges’, the GPM will empower city leaders, from the Global North and South, especially low-lying areas threatened by rising sea levels, to ensure that their voices are heard among decision-makers on the global climate emergency. The GPM will also ensure that the voices of women, young people and diverse voices are included in the debate. Join the project ‘Uniting Mayors for Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges’ to take part in an innovative urban response to climate change and climate-related migration and drive real global change!


Two dynamic and engaging virtual debates for mayors will be organised in April and June. Mayors will debate how to move forward both in their own communities, to protect their citizens from the threats of climate change, and together, as a governance body, to build up a coalition of mayors and communities to make real change. In October, Mayors will deliver a Call to Action, a uniting front to accelerate action on climate-related migration by promoting, guiding, monitoring and sharing experience on climate resilience amongst mayors. City networks and international organisations will be invited to join the debate and support the Call to Action. This Mayors Call to Action will be an integral framework, bringing together mayors to present their plans and push for climate-resilient action at COP-26 that will take place from 1-12 November 2021 in Glasgow (UK).

During the first kickoff event Champion Climate Mayors welcomed mayors to join efforts and unite mayors to address climate-related migration towards the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26). Champion Climate Mayors will lead the GPM’s efforts on this important issue and help develop a Call to Action that lays out the vision at COP26 in November, hosted in Glasgow. This Call to Action can only be established when mayors unite and act together. To view the list of mayors that joined the project “Uniting Mayors for local solutions to global climate challenges” click here.