Empowering, Engaging, and Caring Cities: Delivering Democracy and Development with the Next Generations

The world is facing major challenges which must be addressed to create a sustainable future for the next generations. Many of the solutions lay in cities. The GPM Annual Summit 2023 will bring together mayors to support and elevate the role of cities and local leaders in delivering a better, more democratic, more sustainable, and a more inclusive world for all.

This year’s summit will be hosted in Skopje, North Macedonia, from the 17th to the 19th of November, 2023,  hosted by Mayor Danela Arsovska of Skopje, North Macedonia’s capital and largest city.

The GPM Annual Summit will bring together mayors from around the world and will be open to both GPM members and non-member mayors alike, as well as representatives of city networks and international organizations. The program will consist of structured plenary debates between mayors on urgent global issues in cities and offer networking opportunities for city leaders and leaders of city networks and international organizations.

The Summit will include mayoral debates on the topics of Empowering Cities, Caring Cities, and Delivering Democracy to advance policy development, exchange and implementation within the framework of the Summit theme. In addition to engaging discussions and thought-provoking sessions,  the event will be enriched with a series of guided tours, cultural & musical elements & performances. This will provide a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Skopje & immerse yourself in the city’s history and heritage.

Mayor Danela Arsovska

Skopje, North Macedonia

As the Mayor of Skopje, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to the Global Parliament of Mayors Annual Summit 2023 in November.

Skopje is the city of solidarity and friendship, the city where the ancient and contemporary meet, the city that will host over hundred mayors in November this year. The birthplace of Mother Theresa, the cradle of historic landmarks created throughout centuries like Kale Fortress, Skopje Old Bazaar, the Stone Bridge, the Skopje Aqueduct, this city of seven gates and natural beauties like Canyon Matka, Vodno mountain, Vardar river, will gather the Mayors of the world in November.

I introduce to you our fantastic capital city, the largest city nationwide, which is an administrative, commercial, cultural, educational and scientific center, that continuously builds on friendship and unity.

The city was hit by a catastrophic earthquake in 1963 and as 84 countries worldwide united to help, Skopje was then the center of care, humanity and friendship. Skopje streets bear the names of cities and countries that selflessly helped 60 years ago, and we are proud to welcome you all in the city that became the symbol of solidarity.  

The motto of this year’s GPM summit is Empowering, Engaging, and Caring Cities: Delivering Democracy and Development with the Next Generations, and as a city that cares and supports, it’s no coincidence that Skopje hosts this year’s summit.

We, the members of the GPM, strive towards creating a better life and a better world, believing that cities are the core and power that can engage and unite in providing a fairer, safer and brighter future for our citizens. 

By cooperating together in our global network of cities, we learn from each other, we exchange best practices and implement projects that make our cities even more sustainable and inclusive. This is why the 2023 summit led by the Global Parliament of Mayors founded by and for mayors, will provide concrete conclusions which will create serious impact upon implementation through joint activities based on friendship and cooperation.

My dear friends, I welcome you to Skopje and encourage you to participate in this year’s GPM Summit! I hope you will enjoy our time together and that you’ll have unforgettable memories in the heart of the Balkans. Looking forward to seeing you in Skopje!