Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the executive body of the GPM Association. The members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the General Meeting for a maximum duration of three years.

The Executive Committee meets through online conferencing and, if necessary, face-to-face.

Since October 23, 2018 Mayor Peter Kurz (Mannheim)  and Mayor Marvin Rees (Bristol, Treasurer)  are the Co-Chairs of the Executive Committee.

Peter Kurz

Mannheim, Germany (Vice Chair)

Marvin Rees

Bristol, UK (Vice Chair & Treasurer)

Christine Sagen Helgø

Stavanger, Norway

Leoluca Orlando

Palermo, Italy

Grace Mary Mugasa

Hoima, Uganda

Jefferson T Koijee

Liberia, Monrovia

Stephen Benjamin

Columbia, United States of America

Baikuntha Nath Neupane

Vyas, Nepal