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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the executive body of the GPM Association. The members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the General Meeting for a maximum duration of three years.

The Executive Committee meets through online conferencing and, if necessary, face-to-face.

From September 26 2017 Mayor Patricia de Lille (Cape Town) is Chair,  Mayor Peter Kurz (Mannheim) Vice Chair and Mayor Marvin Rees (Bristol)  Treasurer of the Executive Committee.

Patricia de Lille

Cape Town, South Africa (Chair)

Peter Kurz

Mannheim, Germany (Vice Chair)

Marvin Rees

Bristol, UK (Treasurer)

Christine Sagen Helgø

Stavanger, Norway

Leoluca Orlando

Palermo, Italy

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

Warsaw, Poland

Grace Mary Mugasa

Hoima, Uganda

Roshaan Wolusmal

Kandahar, Afganistan

Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans, USA