The Global Parliament of Mayors is a governance body of, by and for mayors from all continents. It builds on the experience, expertise and leadership of mayors in tackling local challenges resulting from global problems.

More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. Cities produce more than 80% of GDP. The Global Parliament of Mayors underscores the necessity of actively engaging cities and mayors in decision-making on issues related to climate change, migration, urban security and inequality – issues that national governments do not or cannot always adequately address. Mayors have a unique position as figurehead and true voice of their cities. Their position requires them to be pragmatic, inclusive and action-oriented.

The Global Parliament of Mayors offers the means for virtual, worldwide exchange of knowledge and face-to-face meeting with fellow mayors and experts in relevant fields of expertise. Moreover, the Global Parliament of Mayors offers cities a voice on the global stage.

Mayors Orlando (Palermo), Cornett (Oklahoma City), Biltaji (Amman) and de Lille (Cape Town), September 11, 2016