18 January 2023 – Barcelona has been awarded the title of European Capital of Democracy (ECoD) for 2023-2024. The GPM wishes to extend congratulations to Barcelona for receiving this title and also to the other shortlisted cities Braga (Portugal) and Brussels (Belgium) for their efforts in promoting democratic values.

The award is a reminder of the importance of defending democratic principles and practices in the face of rising authoritarianism and populism in Europe and around the world.

Mayor Colau of Barcelona said: ‘‘The City of Barcelona is proud to be the first European Capital of Democracy. In a global context where hate speech and authoritarian projects are on the rise, cities are the place where we can work together with citizens to strengthen democracy. We embrace this challenge as an opportunity to make further progress in democratic innovation, to cooperate with other cities, and to ensure that neighbours have a more active role in public policies.’’

As the first European Capital of Democracy, Barcelona will serve as a leader and model for other cities, showcasing best practices and innovative solutions in promoting democratic values and practices. The city will also host a range of events and activities during its tenure as ECoD, highlighting its achievements and providing opportunities for learning and exchange with other cities.