Cities Bringing Talent in the Innovation Economy – ADSW Web Series

6 October 2022 – In collaboration with Masdar City and the Global Parliament of Mayors, Talent CitiesTM hosted the ADSW Web Series: “Cities Bringing Talent in the Innovation Economy” on 13 September.

The event consisted of an in-depth discussion that explored talent gaps and the opportunities they offer for achieving economic growth and net zero implementation at the urban level. Today, talent is one of the most urgent challenges on the minds of country leaders, CEOs, and founders. Cities produce 85% of our global GDP, and ensuring they are attracting and retaining a strong and growing talent pool, is vital to success as we continue to move towards a sustainable and net zero future.

Among the participants were H.E. Grace Mary Mugasa, Minister of State, Uganda, H.E. Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga, Portugal and World Mayor of Sustainability, and Alby Bocanegra, Vice President of Global City Partnerships at Mastercard and Advisor to the World Economic Forum.
Watch the Web Series here:

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