3 February 2023 – The six mayors of the cities that constitute Cávado Region in the north of Portugal – GPM Executive Member Mayor Ricardo Rio (Braga Municipality), Manuel Moreira (Amares Municipality), Mário Constantino Lopes (Barcelos Municipality),Benjamim Pereira (Esposende Municipality), Manuel Tibo (Terras de Bouro Municipality) and JuliaFernandes (Vila Verde Municipality) – recently signed the Global Declaration for Democracy, an initiative that aims to promote cohesion and the defence of the pillars of democracy.

In a collaborative effort, the Global Parliament of Mayors, the Pact of Free Cities, and GMF Cities are encouraging mayors worldwide to endorse the Global Declaration of Mayors for Democracy. The declaration was highlighted in the G7 communiqué of the ministerial meeting on sustainable urbandevelopment in September 2022 as an important example of cities taking responsibility for addressing global challenges and playing a critical role in “democratic innovation”.

On February the 3rd, 2023, the Declaration has been signed by over 115 mayors from 44 countries worldwide and will be available to sign until March 2023.

For more information on the Declaration, click here. To sign the declaration, please refer to the online registration form.