25 May 2023 – The GPM is proud  to announce that it will host a debate titled Empowering Cities at the Brussels Urban Summit, taking place on Wednesday, 14 June, 2.00-3.30 p.m.

The GPM and ICLEI lead the Urban 7, a strong urban alliance including national city networks from the G7 countries, Eurocities, and UCLG. In recent years, the group made significant progress in opening up the G7 process for cities. The inclusion of mayors in the G7 has demonstrated the value that cities can add in international processes.

These shifts have challenged the status quo, as policymakers at all levels are increasingly recognizing that cities can participate in international agenda setting and national policy making – not just as observers, but as partners. This is especially critical now, at a moment when the world is changing rapidly, and all levels of government are confronting new and complex challenges.

The GPM will host a debate among mayors and high level representatives of international organisations and city networks around the three C’s of empowering cities:

  • Co-Decision: With what institutions and in which processes can cities make the greatest impact?
  • Capacity: What capacities do cities need to develop to participate in these processes?
  • Capital: How can global institutions work with cities to ensure that cities have the capital needed to succeed?

The debate will be opened by GPM Chair Mayor Peter Kurz of Mannheim, Germany and GPM Daily Board member Mayor Ricardo Rio of Braga, Portugal. A panel of mayors  participating in the event will be invited to debate on the aforementioned topics. Ms. Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook from the Bertelsmann Stiftung will moderate the debate.

If you want to attend the debate on Empowering Cities, please register here by June 1.

Please note that mayors and representatives of city networks and international organizations that attend the debate, will be invited to contritbute to the debate.

You can find further information on the Brussels Urban Summit here.