Special Tours

eThekwini City Council together with Durban Tourism has selected several special tours for all participants of the GPM Summit. Registration for the tours is required, all registered attendees will be informed.




Saturday, November 9

What is it: the Moses Mabhida and Ushaka Marine World, South Africa’s most impressive aquarium, adventure park and water park that sits at the end of the famous Golden Mile and boasts more attractions than you can do in a day. It’s a roaring, splashing, laughing experience that will educate and inspire you.

Why go: Durban people are proud of their state of the art stadium the Moses Mabhida, visitors can head up the arch of the Sky Car and other fascinating activities.  The tour explores the state –of the art change rooms where your sporting heroes regroup, and through the tunnels they have walked through. The stadium host local and international events.  With a good walk from the stadium there is Ushaka Marine World with the 5th largest aquarium by the volume of water. It is a world –class entertainment and Tourism destination.

Saturday, November 9

What is it: The Phoenix Settlement is land bought by Mahatma Gandhi during his time in South Africa as a young lawyer.

Why go: Gandhi came to South Africa in 1893 to provide legal aid to an Indian company and he ended up staying for more than 20 years. This historical landmark is home to both the printing press that he used to spread his ideas and the place where he lived while he fought injustice and apartheid. The Inanda Heritage Route takes in some of the most important, historical sites of Durban. Winding its way through the Inanda Valley, it presents the critical South African History. Sight seeings: Phoenix Settlement established by Mahatma Ghandi, Inanda Seminary, the first Secondary School for African girls and The Ohlange Institute, Due’s House Institute and his grave. It is where Nelson Mandela cast his first vote in 1994 elections.

Monday, November 11

What is it: The Valley of 1000 Hills is the majestic Valley created by the Umgeni River and its cultural tribute nestled between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Why go: There are 1,000 hills that snuggle beside one another along the Umgeni River, which flows from the Drakensberg Mountains to the Indian Ocean. There are leafy suburbs and village centres. The Valley offers visitors an experience of cultural activities, outdoor adventure and local art & crafts. It is a destination for an adventure, enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers.

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