7 February 2021 – The GPM is very proud to announce that GPM Mayors Kurz (Mannheim, Germany, GPM Chair), Rio (Braga, Portugal, GPM Treasurer), Aki-Sawyerr (Freetown, Sierra Leone) and Aboutaleb (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) have been included in the shortlist for the 2021 World Mayor Prize.

The shortlist includes 32 mayors from 21 countries, from some of the world’s largest metropolises but also many from medium-sized and smaller towns. The mayors have been selected because of their leadership during the Covid pandemic and their awareness of the long-term implications of the pandemic.

Please vote now by supporting and commenting on the mayors from the shortlist who you think deserve to be considered for the World Mayor Prize and Commendations. Testimonials, comments and votes are accepted until the end of April 2021.

Don’t forget to leave a short statement with your vote. In order to allow mayors from smaller towns to compete on equal terms with those from large cities, the strength and conviction of statements are more valued in the selection procedure than the number of votes.