22 November, 2021 – The GPM wants to extend its congratulations to the city of Ghent, which was just awarded the title of European Youth Capital 2024.

On the 18th of November 2021, the European Youth Forum announced the winner, recognizing the city’s exemplary embodiment of  European Youth Forum values: youth participation, empowerment, and inclusion.

The city was awarded because of its exemplary embodiment of European Youth Forum values – youth participation, empowerment and inclusion. The city of Ghent will hold the title in 2021, and it will highlight the importance of youth participation in the city and in Europe, giving a concerted push to all youth programmes in Ghent.

To read more about the award: https://www.themayor.eu/en/a/view/ghent-wins-the-title-european-youth-capital-2024-9381?trans=en-US


Photo credits: European Youth Forum