The Hague – January 25, 2019 – In response to the recent politically motivated threats against Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees and Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, the Global Parliament of Mayors is in solidarity with Mayor Rees in calling for an open city-wide discussion to debate the current divisive discourse of political debate at local and international level.

Hereby, the GPM rejects all threats and acts of violence against city leaders and politicians, including dialogue dominated by hate speech. The GPM believes political debate should be a safe space for all to express and believe. Through the latest threats in Bristol, the GPM encourages mayors to take this opportunity to practise constructive political dialogue and not to be limited by boundaries of oppression. Political dialogue should be free to express and go beyond borders, practised across nations.

The GPM calls on national governments and international institutions to join the GPM in standing in solidarity with all Mayors and city leaders across the world to strengthen the focus on establishing a constructive open city-wide debate that is free of every form of oppression and all acts of violence.