4 October 2022 – The GPM is looking back on a successful Annual Summit 2022 hosted by Mayor Krupa of Katowice (Poland) and organised in partnership with the OECD.  Over 45 mayors from 20 countries, and representatives of international organisations participated, in person or online,  in dynamic panels, on topics ranging from democratic processes to migration and social infrastructure in cities. The combination with the World Urban Forum, which took place immediately after the Summit, and the close cooperation with the convener of the Forum, UN Habitat, as well as the OECD, were also important success factors.

The GPM is proud to share with you the report and the video of the Annual Summit 2022 with the theme “Transforming Together: How Cities Must Lead Democratic, Inclusive, and Innovative Global Change.” You can read the report here, and watch the official summit video here: