16 November 2022 – In partnership with Abu Dhabi Sustainable Week (ADSW) and Masdar City, the GPM hosted today an onsite Roundtable for mayors at COP27.

GPM Mayors Sharon Dijksma (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Rohey Malick Lowe (Banjul, the Gambia), and Manuel de Araujo (Quelimane, Mozambique) contributed to the debate. Mayor Marcin Krupa (Katowice, Poland) and Ms. Phyllis Dickerson, ED African American Mayors Association, commented on the panel discussion.

The session focused on talent development, exploring the roles of citizens in reaching the goals of sustainability. Talent development is, to a large extent, an unexplored theme in the climate crisis. Yet there is a tremendous likeness between our climate challenge and our talent challenge. The absence of lifelong learning systems, the need for upskilling and reskilling, and the accelerated shift to digital transformation is a parallel crisis.  The lack of green skills and citizen awareness of sustainable practices is holding back our progress toward sustainability goals. Solutions may lie in viewing the two challenges together. As cities lead an integrated approach to creating a talent strategy, closing the talent gap, and achieving sustainability, we will reach a more inclusive, healthier, and peaceful society.

Watch the Roundtable session here.