5 December 2022 – Braga and Brussels have been selected on a shortlist to become the first European Capital of Democracy (ECoD) 2023-2024. Alongside Barcelona, the three cities are frontrunners in democracy, were selected by the Experts’ Jury after intensive visits to the candidate cities and analysing their detailed multifaceted approach programmes toward democracy.

The European Capital of Democracy will host civil society projects, aiming to collaborate and inspire action across borders. Moreover, besides being a centre of education and innovation, the ECoD will have the opportunity to organise international events and meetings of leading European politicians and will count on international coverage of their democratic best practices.

The European Capital of Democracy initiative was launched by ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH together with The Innovation in Politics Institute, based in Vienna and Berlin with partners in 16 European countries. Citizens from all Council of Europe Member States can register to join the Citizen’s Jury until December 31st, 2022.

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