6 July 2020 – Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee has announced that the GPM Annual Summit is postponed to next year and will take place on 17-19 April 2021 in Palermo, Italy. The GPM is thankful for the support of Mayor Leoluca Orlando as host of the GPM Summit. Especially now, in times of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, solidarity among mayors, cities and its civil society is even more important in helping city leaders to cope, understand and overcome the crisis. This makes it all the more necessary to come together next year on 17-19 April 2021. We hope to welcome the international community of mayors, city networks and experts. The City Council of Palermo guarantees to make this Summit unforgettable by debating on current issues and find new solutions.

Meanwhile, the GPM will continue with organizing interesting webinars. To look back at previous outcomes of the webinar on Safer Cities for All, the Right to Adequate Housing visit the discussion forums on Slack or the events page.