Dear Mayors,

Welcome to the first Global Parliament of Mayors Talent Cities blog!

We are excited to say that so far, more than 15 mayors have expressed interest from cities in the UK, the EU, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the US, representing the opportunity to impact 13+ million citizens.  These cities are at all stages of economic development, smart city implementations, inclusion efforts and education transformation leading us to believe that we will achieve our greatest hope – a truly global and inclusive talent ecosystem.

Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of personally speaking with every mayor’s office and city council expressing interest.  Many we have spoken with at length and multiple times for which we are grateful.  Mayors have shared their visions for their cities and their hopes for future economic growth.  One thing we have heard consistently is that a conversation about talent is an aspirational one.  Through the lens of Talent Cities, mayors discuss business growth, smart cities, economic plans, private investments, new infrastructure, better schools, greater connectivity and a broad understanding that talent is one aspect where cities will drive regions and nations toward the future.  Every mayor we have spoken with believes in the talent of their city and the value of supporting and promoting it.

We look forward to continuing to speak with all of you.

Thank you to all,

GPM Talent Cities Team

For more information on Talent Cities, please contact Baharan Andishmand or Gerri Burton