This two-day webinar takes place on Thursday 12 November, 15.00-17.30 hrs CET and Thursday 19 November at the same time.


This pandemic has been a wakeup call, which has shown that cities are at the front lines of the COVID-19 response and that the virus has the power to reconfigure urban spaces and human interactions. This webinar discussion will be open to all mayors from around the world. Mayors will be given the opportunity to go beyond sharing emerging good practices at the local level by debating their visions for an improved post-COVID city and the urban agenda. Mayors will discuss how they have reframed their knowledge and experience in light of the shifts caused by COVID-19. Issues on expanded governance, democracy, public health, urban sustainability, education and culture are among the topics that will be discussed. In addition to mayors, leaders of city networks and international organisations will be invited to share their expertise in the debates. This webinar will also facilitate a Q&A session for everyone to put forward questions, particular interests and concerns.


Click here: https://globalparliamentofmayors.org/rethinking-the-city/ 


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