2 October 2020 – If they work together, mayors can not only effect change at the local level but also far beyond the city limits. The Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) thus seeks to shift more power towards cities and drive systemic change at national and global scale. Why is such an initiative important? And can it succeed? Charles Landry, member of the GPM Advisory Committee, finds out from Mayor of Mannheim and GPM chair, Peter Kurz.

This discussion is part of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020 – a weeklong festival full of bureaucratic imagination. This year, the festival will take place 100% virtually. The programme is jam-packed with new ideas, fresh insights, and pride in what the public sector can accomplish. The goal is to create spaces for exchange, to show examples of bureaucracy at its best, and not least to help people have fun – not in spite of being bureaucrats but because they are.