19 April 2022 “The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s military in violation of international law and the war being waged in the most brutal way is causing more and more human suffering every day, affecting the innocent citizens of Ukraine. A sign of hope is the unprecedented solidarity and unity of the world community for Ukraine and the people living there. Together with 300 colleagues, I have signed this declaration, with which we not only want to send a signal, but also make our contribution to ending the war and reducing the suffering with concrete demands and their implementation. Because that is what it is all about. That is also why the Ukrainian cities must receive direct help from the international community, such as the European institutions and the nation states. The cities must be helped on the spot, unbureaucratically and quickly.”With these words GPM Chair Peter Kurz, Mayor of Mannheim,  commented the Joint Call of European Mayors to European governments and the European Commission on raising efforts to end the war in Europe. This Call was signed by 300 mayors around the world including by the GPM Executive Committee.

Read the full Joint Call here.