24 October 2022 – As part of this year’s Urban October, a month that spotlights opportunities and challenges faced by residents in cities and urban areas, the Global Parliament of Mayors is partnering with Peace in Our Cities & UN-Habitat to invite you to a public launch of the Peace in Our Cities Report, Guiding Principles and Inspiring Actions: Operationalizing the Resolution to Reduce Urban Violence
The report promotes effective actions to fulfill the commitments in the first-ever resolution on halving urban violence by 2030. The Resolution and its 11 commitments to reduce urban violence and build urban peace received support from 60 cities and urban networks representing more than 1500 cities and metropolitan areas in 33 countries across five continents. At the time of its adoption in 2020, the resolution was formally acknowledged by the United Nations General Secretary António Guterres who “welcomed the effort […] to step up the campaign against urban violence”.This new report contains examples of successful violence reduction initiatives from cities that endorsed the resolution and are active members of the Peace in Our Cities network. It also brings to life the Resolution with concrete actions to achieve ambitious goals and reminds us of the potential for significant gains in urban violence reduction and attainment of SDG16, and Target SDG16.1, mainly, which aims to reduce all forms of violence everywhere.This convening will bring together the principal author of the report, Dr. Hernán Flom, in conversation with city leaders (mayors and local community-based organizations) who contributed to its production, and UN officials are working for a better urban future.
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