Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee is the current mayor of the capital city of Liberia, Monrovia.  Jefferson Koijee is the first mayor to be confirmed by the Liberian Senate since the end of the civil war, being confirmed unanimously by the Senate Committee on Internal Affairs and Good Governance.

Prior to this, he was the National Youth Chairman for the Revolutionary National Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, where he worked as the leader of the young people of over One million around the country. Mayor Koijee worked between 2008 and 2010 as County Coordinator, Montserrado for the Federation of Liberian Youth, the umbrella organization for all youth groupings in Liberia.  He is a graduate of the University of Liberia with a Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Political Science. He is also the newly appointed National Secretary General of the aforementioned ruling political party. Mayor Koijee is member of the GPM Executive Committee.