Kandahar, April 2017 – Kandahar’s Mayor Roshaan Wolusmal:

For the first time in human history, most of us live in cities. Researchers’  predictions indicate that urbanization speed will further increase in almost all parts of the world. As cities grow, perhaps our most serious concern should be how they expand and how we can fulfill the basic requirements of our citizens. Therefore, cities today, should be given primary attention.

We are pleased to realise that Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) is reaching many cities of the world and has the potential to grow further in upcoming years. The GPM is a leading governance structure for the mayors from all continents and has a global mandate to lead the mayors, bring them under one world forum. GPM works to make our cities more prosperous. 

It is with my great honor to join the Global Parliament of Mayors and support its valuable mission for the prosperity of our planet. Our cities in this planet, require coordinated efforts and one voice.”