In honor of the organization´s founder Dr. Benjamin Barber, since 2017, the GPM awards the Dr. Benjamin Barber Global Cities Award (‘the Benjamin Barber Award’) to commemorate outstanding city leadership. Mayors are invited to nominate fellow mayors from around the world supported with arguments and motivations.

In 2022, this Award was presented to all Mayors of Ukraine as a symbol of support for their resistance in the face of hostile attacks against and invasions in cities, their determination in safeguarding their citizens and territories, and in recognition of their tenacious focus on the reconstruction of their communities and cities.

The nominees should be recognised as leaders in their particular area, offering a progressive voice on urban issues, including issues of global governance, migration, urban safety and security, health and environment and the impact of culture on cities. They have a strong action-oriented record of empowering and engaging other city leaders, businesses and residents to take action from the local to the global scale. The nominees have made a meaningful and demonstrable contribution to the global cities agenda or have faced substantial challenges and successfully overcome them by leading with progressive policies and initiatives.

The Selection Committee of the Benjamin Barber Award will select the winner from the list of nominees and present the award at the GPM Annual Summit to the recipient.

The Selection Committee 2023 consists of Mayor de Araujo (Quelimane, Mozambique, Chair) and Mayor Krupa (Katowice, Poland) and Honorary Member Johnson (former mayor of Asbury Park (USA).

You can find further information on the Benjamin Barber award here.