Reset: Cities leading in a New Era

21 October, Thursday

12.00-17.00 hrs CEST 

  • Arrival and Registration: Pick up Badges

14.00-17.00 hrs CEST 

  • Meetings for mayors and committees, Executive Committee and Advisory Committee.

18.00-22.00 hrs CEST 

  • Welcoming mayors Palazzo Comitini
    Open Buffet
  • Evening walk through the historical center of Palermo
    Registration required

    Mayors tour city center:

    • San Cataldo
    • Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio
    • Church and Cloister of the convent of Santa Caterina
    • Palazzo delle Aquile

22 October, Friday

09.00-10.30 hrs CEST 

  • Annual General Meeting GPM members

10.30-12.00 hrs CEST

  • African Exhibition Visit at Fondazione Sant’Elia

12.00-13.00 hrs CEST 

  • Lunch at Palazzo Comitini

13.00-13.30 hrs CEST
Opening Ceremony GPM Summit

  • Welcome Speech Mayor Leoluca Orlando of Palermo, host GPM Summit 2022
    Welcome Mayor Peter Kurz of Mannheim, Chair of GPM
    Introduction Moderator
    Keynote Speech
    Online live stream available, registration required.

Mayoral Debates at Fondazione Sant’Elia

  • 13.45-15.00 Urban Health Policies – Live Stream available
    Coffee Break
  • 15.30-16.45 Climate Migration – Live Stream available
    Coffee Break
  • 17.15-18.30 Local Economies – Live Stream available

20.00-22.30 hrs CEST

  • Benjamin Barber Ceremony Palazzo Comitini
  • Gala Dinner Ball Room Palazzo Comitini
  • Live Music Performance

23 October, Saturday

08.00-09.00 time hrs CEST 

  • Executive Committee meeting, Coffee meeting at Palazzo Sant’Elia

09.00-10.00 time hrs CEST

  • Mayoral Debates at Palazzo Sant’Elia
    • Culture, Re-imagining Urban Environments
    • Coffee Break

10.15-11.30 time hrs CEST 

  • Mayoral Debates at Palazzo Sant’Elia
    • Multilateral Governance

11.30-12.00 time hrs CEST 

  • Conclusion and GPM Palermo Declaration

12.00-13.30 time hrs CEST 

  • Farewell Lunch

13.30-14.00 time hrs CEST 

  • UNESCO City Tour
    Registration required