The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has announced the recipients of its prestigious awards for exceptional contributions to cycling at the Velo-city 2024 conference. The honored winners are:

  1. City of Quelimane
  2. City og Ghent
  3. City of Bologna
  4. Metropolis of Lyon
  5. European Parliament

These entities were celebrated for their excellence in various cycling categories, with Quelimane winning the Best Active Mobility award.

In its third year, the ECF awards ceremony took place at the Kuipke Velodrome in Ghent, attracting 1,500 delegates. ECF President Henk Swarttouw, alongside CEO Jill Warren, emphasized the importance of recognizing the often-overlooked efforts of individuals and cities in promoting cycling. Swarttouw praised the leadership of Bologna, Ghent, Lyon, and Quelimane, highlighting their contributions to safer and more accessible cycling environments.

Quelimane, Mozambique, received the ECF Award for Best Active Mobility for establishing the country’s first cycle path. Mayor Manuel Araujo was acknowledged for his role in advancing the city’s sustainable mobility, with Quelimane achieving a modal split of 40% walking and 35% cycling.

Ghent, Belgium, the host city of Velo-city 2024, was awarded the ECF Cycling Infrastructure Award. Ghent boasts 500 kilometers of cycling infrastructure and over 60 bridges and subways, enhancing connectivity for cyclists. The conference also marked the inauguration of Ghent’s latest infrastructure project, the Annie Vande Wielebrug bridge, set to accommodate over 3,000 cyclists and pedestrians daily.