8 February 2024 – The GPM is thrilled to announce that Mayor Eckart Würzner of Heidelberg has joined the Global Parliament of Mayors, further amplifying his commitment to global cooperation and sustainable urban development. A prominent figure in environmental advocacy and municipal governance, Mayor Würzner brings a wealth of experience to the Global Parliament of Mayors. His journey in public service began in 1988 as an environmental consultant at the Office for Environmental Protection, Trade Inspection, and Energy of the City of Heidelberg. Over the years, he has held various pivotal roles, including Head of the Environmental and Energy Management Department and Deputy Mayor, with responsibilities spanning environment, energy, and health promotion.

Mayor Würzner’s dedication extends beyond administrative roles. He has contributed significantly to academia, serving as a lecturer at the University of Heidelberg and the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg.  Since 2006, Mayor Würzner has served as the Mayor of Heidelberg, overseeing critical initiatives and institutions like the Stadtwerke Heidelberg and Sparkasse Heidelberg. His leadership has been instrumental in Heidelberg’s continued progress as a model city for sustainability and innovation.

Mayor Würzner’s re-elections in 2014 and 2022 underscore the trust and confidence placed in his leadership by the residents of Heidelberg.