23 February, 2022 – The GPM is honoured to welcome its newest member, Hon. Kwasi Bonzoh, mayor of Ellembelle, Ghana.

Mayor Bonzoh is a result-oriented entrepreneur cum politician who believes in achieving goals through leadership, teamwork and commitment to hard work. He sees public office as a credible alternative tool for socio-economic development and mass poverty reduction. Mayor Bonzoh was first appointed as the Mayor of the Ellembelle District in July 2017 for a 4-year term to be responsible for the day-to-day performance of the executive and administrative functions of the District Assembly (municipality). He was re-appointed for another 4-year term in September 2021 after having successfully served his first term of office.

Mayor Bonzoh is proud to become GPM member and said: “I am highly excited to be admitted into the membership of the Global Parliament of Mayors; the governance body of, by and for mayors from all continents representing the Ellembelle district. With profound gratitude I accept the honour extended to be part of this network of distinguished city leaders across the globe committed to making real impacts in the lives of the people we serve. I eagerly look forward to fully and actively participating in the activities of the GPM as a means of contributing towards achieving our shared  objectives and aspirations”.