The Global Parliament of Mayors is honoured to welcome its newest member, Mayor Mohamed Sadiki elected as the Mayor of the City of Rabat in 2015. Rabat is also the host city of the Headquarters of UCLG-Africa, Morocco. The Kingdom of Morocco is fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) on time. The city of Rabat has signed the GPM Resolution on Reducing Violence in support of SDG 16. “At the local level, the issue of security and the fight against physical, sexual and verbal violence is at the center of our concerns; it occupies our reflections and represents a strategic acts in our local planning. In this sense, the city of Rabat was one of the openeering cities to take this issue head-on and to help victims of violence to integrate into society by providing them with follow-up decent and suitable living conditions, while being a part of a policy of peace, security and living together. The vision has been developed through several pilot projects, including the project of “RABAT SAFE CITY WITHOUT VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAND AND GIRLS”, initiated in partnership with UN Women, which falls within the framework of the UN global “Safe Cities” initiative.”

Bio Mayor Sadiki of Rabat:
Born in 1960 in Ghriss Soufli – Goulmima Errachidia, Morocco, Mohamed Sadiki was trained as an engineer at the Mohammedia School. He’s a politician and has held the position of director of the company responsible for the delegated management of liquid wastewater treatment and distribution services, drinking water and electricity in Rabat. Throughout his career, he notably became Director of Water Investments, and Director of Purchase and Logistics at Redal, which provides electricity, water supply and sanitation services in Morocco. Involved in the political life of his party at regional and national level, Mohamed Sadiki became in 2014 Chief of Staff of the Minister of Transports and Logistics. Besides his professional and political activities, Mohamed Sadiki has also given lectures in the framework of ISCAE Casa’s Master’s on Cities and Territories, specializing in transferred management of water, electricity and sanitation services. Formerly Councilor of the capital city of Morocco, as well as Regional Councilor and VicePresident of the Council of Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër Region.