23 November, 2021 – The GPM congratulates the city of The Hague with the award “World Smart City 2021”. The award was presented on the 17th of November during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

The Smart City approach from the Municipality of The Hague is reflected in the LivingLab Scheveningen project. Since 2020 the new boulevard in Scheveningen, from the Zwarte Pad to the Pier, has been a testing ground for new projects. This area is a special learning zone, where the municipality is testing smart, digital inventions which aim to solve societal problems. Through these initiatives LivingLab Scheveningen wants to discover innovative sustainable solutions.

Experiments are being conducted with self-driving waste robots and the construction of a local smart grid for clean energy. The municipality is also conducting trials with pressure cameras on the north boulevard in Scheveningen. In a privacy friendly way, special cameras detect the formation of groups, in order to measure crowds and prevent overcrowding/social unrest.

The World Smart City Award is given annually to cities which are making the world  a more liveable and sustainable place.

For more information, please refer to: https://www.denhaag.nl/en/in-the-city/news/the-hague-winner-of-world-smart-city-award-2021-.htm

Photo credits: Lonely Planet