7 April 2021 – Mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, Stephen Benjamin joined the Mayors podcast hosted by Richard Florida and Padden Guy Murphy. Mayor Benjamin has dedicated his life to public service in South Carolina. Richard and Padden recently sat down with Mayor Benjamin to discuss his leadership among mayors, the transformation of Columbia’s historic downtown, and what he learned from losing an election. Listen to the full podcast here.

The Mayors Podcast

The Mayors is a podcast dedicated to hearing from mayors—the people who lead our cities, who make the big decisions, who fight for progress in steps and leaps, who sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. Listeners learn about why mayors chose to become mayors and how they got there; what keeps (or kept) them up at night while they work to make good cities great; and the issues, solutions, policies, and partnerships they view as critical to building better communities. In conversation with urbanists Richard Florida and Padden Murphy, this podcast asks and answers the big questions that cities face—it’s a space to share, learn, and celebrate cities.