01 December 2022 – The Global Parliament of Mayors is excited to announce that Mayor Danela Arsovska of Skopje, Macedonia, has joined the organisation.

Mayor Arsovska was elected as Mayor of Skopje in 2021. Back in 2014, she was voted in as President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, the union of national chambers of commerce, where she served until the 2021 Mayor election. She was appointed Chair of the Macedonian Union of Employers’ Organizations in 2015 and was representative of the National Council for European integration in the Parlament since 2016.

Moreover, Mayor Arsovska holds high-level positions in international intergovernmental organizations and a range of expert positions, for instance, served on the Panel at The World Bank ICSID in Washington, USA, and was appointed a Court Member at the OSCE Court of Council and Arbitration in Geneva Switzerland.

She has been awarded as ‘Best Business Woman Role Model’ of Southeast Europe in 2018 by the World Business Angels Investment Forum and was given recognition for her special contribution to entrepreneurship development during the 6th edition of the Entrepreneurs Summit of Southeast Europe.

We are thrilled to work with Mayor Arsovska and with the city of Skopje.