Workshop ‘Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges’

The British Council and the Global Parliament of Mayors were proud to host the workshop ‘Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges’. 

In order to support cities in their commitments to implement the Call to Action, the GPM, in partnership with the British Council, organizes an in-depth workshop connecting Mayors from the Global North and South, city networks, and international organizations to explore concrete avenues for cooperation on the urgent topic of climate migration, supported by existing or future projects, programs and tools.

Session 1 ‘Cultural Heritage and Education’ explores initiatives to strengthen awareness among local communities regarding the values of cultural assets, protect cultural heritage, and develop educational programmes. Session 2 ‘Building better data and resources’ focuses on opportunities to advance the exchange of evidence-based data and knowledge is discussed, and engage with international institutions, local NGOs, and private investors to prepare for climate displacement and migration proactively.

PROGRAM 23rd MARCH 2022, 16.00-18.00 CET

16.00 hrs CET – Session 1 “Cultural Heritage and Education”

            ► Opening
                   ▪︎ GPM Champion Climate Mayor Ricardo Rio, Braga, Portugal

                  ▪︎ Deputy Mayor Anuela Ristani, Tirana, Albania
                  ▪︎ Mayor David Balaba, Iganga, Uganda
                  ▪︎ Mayor Hayet Bayoudh, Carthage, Tunisia
                  ▪︎ Mayor Honoré Gabriel Rasamimanana, Antsirabe, Madagascar
                  ▪︎ Mayor Marie Angèle Meyanga, Afanloum, Cameroon
                  ▪︎ Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir, Turkey, represented by Onur Eryüce
                  ▪︎ Roland Davies,  Country Director Zimbabwe, British Council
                  ▪︎ Christina Pope, Senior Director Welcoming International

                  ▪︎ Dr. Ayse Ege Yildirim, Heritage Planner, former ICOMOS Focal Point SDGs cultural and
creative industries, Istanbul, Turkey

17.00 hrs CET – Session 2 “Building better data and resources”

            ► Opening
                   ▪︎ GPM Champion Climate Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe, Banjul, the Gambia.

                  ▪︎ Mayor Jakub Mazur, Wroclaw, Poland
                  ▪︎ Mayor Elizabeth Sackey, Accra, Ghana
                  ▪︎ Mayor Fabrice Brad Rulinda, Entebbe, Uganda
                  ▪︎ Mayor Solomon Mguni, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
                  ▪︎ Vice-President Clare Hart, Montpellier Mediteranée Métropole, France
                  ▪︎ Vittoria Zanuso, Executive Director, Mayors Migration Council

                  ▪︎ Professor Sheila Foster, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA


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  • To read the report on the closing event of the 2021 Project ‘Uniting Mayors’ to support mayors in their commitments to implement the Call to Action “Climate Change, Cities and Forced Migration: Advancing Knowledge, Action and Collaboration”, click here.