Leuke testpagina. Over 45 mayors and deputy mayors representing cities from around the globe, took part in the second Annual Convening of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM). From September 24-26 local and tailored solutions to globally-shared challenges was the main theme during the deliberations in Stavanger (Norway).

Mayors highlighted the role of leadership and community involvement when planning and implementing global policies on a local level to overcome challenges in society. They shared examples of where strong local leadership can drive solutions in their cities in ways that are faster or more targeted or more progressive than those put forward at a national level. Creating resilient cities, safe cities, inclusive cities and empowered cities framed the discussions. The convening brought forward a will to create common actions to counter negative development in societies mainly through action-oriented co-working and to built-up a selection of issues based upon agreed action points.

The Annual Convening also provided the opportunity to announce the initiation of the formal GPM Association as a legal body – giving more formal space and structure to work on common goals – and its new Executive Committee.