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The most critical challenges that humankind faces in this decade, from migration and pandemic diseases to social inequality and urban security, must be solved in cities. More than 50% of the world’s population lives in cities, so it is inconceivable that national and international bodies decide on policy actions without the cities and their mayors present as equal partners in shaping global policy. To drive a fundamentally important shift in this structure, this year’s GPM Summit will focus on ‘Empowering Cities for the 2020s, a decade of change: shaping multi-level governance on a global scale.’

Through its work bringing Mayors’ voices to the fore, GPM offers a complementary governance approach to the current nation states system and invites all mayors to join forces on tackling these critical issues, formulate progressive yet achievable resolutions, and vote as a parliament for the Durban Declaration 2019. Through debates and votes, the GPM drives Mayors from cities around the world to unite by taking a collective position to create better solutions for the world, its cities and its citizens. Participation at the Summit will also demonstrate effective city-to-city cooperation at a global scale. It will advocate for cities and its city networks to be formally represented in international frameworks through multi-level governance. City networks and international experts from around the world will participate in the Summit, to ensure a clear, united message to amplify city voices in support of the 2030 Agenda for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This year the GPM Summit will be followed directly by the UCLG World Congress and World Council in Durban.

You can find the participants list here and register for this global event here.

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