April 2022

Joint Call on raising efforts to end the war in Europe

19 April 2022 – “The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s military in violation of international law and the war being waged in the most brutal way is causing more and more human suffering every day, [...]

March 2022

Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges

24 March, 2022 - The workshop ‘Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges‘ has concluded. More than 40 mayors throughout the world have participated and shared their views and expertise on the preservation of [...]

Open Letter of Ukrainian City Leaders to World’s Mayors and Local Self-Governance

14 March, 2022 - Ukrainian mayors of big cities, heads of amalgamated communities and representatives of local-self governance associations representing over 800 communities signed an open letter to World's Mayors and Local-Governance. At dawn on [...]

February 2022

Strong Urban Alliance Formed to Accompany the German G7 Presidency

28 February, 2022 – In January, the G7 Presidency published its program, which highlighted the importance of “harnessing the transformative power of cities.” Cities can offer immense contributions to the goal of “progress for a [...]

Standing United with Ukrainian Mayors

25 February, 2022 - We, mayors, join together in support of the cities, towns, settlements, and villages of Ukraine. Cities everywhere must have a say in determining their own, and our shared, futures. Mayors and [...]

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