U7 Mayors Summit Adopted Powerful Declaration


3 May 2022 - Today mayors came together with high-level representatives of the German G7 Presidency to discuss the decisive role of cities in achieving the G7 Presidency’s vision of “progress towards an equitable world.” Mayors lauded the German G7 Presidency’s emphasis on the need for an ambitious implementation of the sustainable development goals and [...]

U7 Mayors Summit Adopted Powerful Declaration2022-06-07T10:20:41+02:00

U7 Mayors Summit


25 April, 2022 - The GPM is proud to announce that, along side the Association of German Cities and ICLEI, the GPM will be hosting the U7 Mayors Summit on May 3, 2022 from 14.00 - 16.00 hrs CEST. The theme, "Embracing the Urban World: Cities as Drivers of Change for Peace, Democracy and Sustainability" [...]

U7 Mayors Summit2022-05-02T11:21:32+02:00

Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges


24 March, 2022 - The workshop ‘Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges‘ has concluded. More than 40 mayors throughout the world have participated and shared their views and expertise on the preservation of cultural heritage, climate migration, and its data collection. The event highlighted that migration and climate change are two interrelated phenomena [...]

Uniting Mayors: Local Solutions to Global Climate Challenges2022-04-21T14:57:54+02:00

GPM Annual Summit 2021 Final Report and Video


17 January, 2022 - The GPM is proud to share the video and the report of the Annual Summit 2021 in Palermo, Italy. This year’s event addressed how cities are rebuilding in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring the role of mayors in advocating for and implementing policies to improve the living conditions of [...]

GPM Annual Summit 2021 Final Report and Video2022-04-21T14:57:07+02:00

Call to Action on Climate Migration Unites Hundreds of Cities Around the World


18 November 2021 – Approximately 200 million people are expected to leave their homes due to climate change by 2050, with most of those displaced people moving to cities. Forced migration is the human face of the global climate crisis and cities are sanctuaries for many migrants. Cities in the Global North and South must [...]

Call to Action on Climate Migration Unites Hundreds of Cities Around the World2022-04-21T14:55:20+02:00



On July 7 the GPM participated in UN High Level Political Forum Side-Event focused on Partnering through Culture, Heritage, and Art for Resilient and Inclusive Recovery. This session looked at how partnerships with the culture sector can accelerate sustainable development in the Decade of Action, while supporting the cultural life of our communities, and safeguarding [...]




On July 6 mayors from around the world came together with representatives of national governments and UN officials at an official side event of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (UN HLPF 2021) to discuss the pressing development challenges related to climate change and related migration in cities, as well as the [...]




During the high-level event on 20 April, Mayors and city leaders addressed the cities’ preparedness regarding climate-related migration, the financial consequences of migration on sending and receiving cities, as well as the impact these movements have on cultural heritage and city leadership.




GPM Webinar Rethinking the city: How mayors respond to the needs of a post-COVID city. This 2-day webinar took place on 12 and 19 November and discussed four thematic themes, Public Health, Urban Sustainability, Culture & Education, Governance & Democracy. Moderated by Dr. Shipra Narang Suri from UN Habitat Urban Practices.




GPM Resolution on Violence Reduction To align to the UN General Assembly’s focus on reducing urban violence and to deliver the Sustainable Development Goal 16 – “to reduce violence everywhere” – together with Pathfinders and the Peace in Our Cities Campaign, the GPM has partnered to reach out to mayors, cities, international organisations and city networks from all [...]