Safe Cities Index 2017: Security in a rapidly urbanising world

October 2017 - The Economist has published the   Safer Cities Report  that analyses the results of the 2017 index, both overall and by each of the four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security. Additional insight into the index results and urban safety, more generally, was gained through interviews with experts. Three members of the [...]

Tackling global problems? Look to cities, not countries

June 7 2017 - The world is buckling under multiple pressures, including climate change, inequality, migration, pandemics and terrorism. Yet, at precisely the moment collective action is most pressing, international co-operation is coming unstuck. Twentieth-century supranational entities such as the United Nations and World Bank are stumbling. This is because the world's 400-year-old experiment with [...]

From global to local to face challenges in cities

Stavanger, September 28, 2017 – Over 45 mayors and deputy mayors representing cities from around the globe, took part in the second Annual Convening of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM). Local and tailored solutions to globally-shared challenges was the main theme during the two day deliberations in Stavanger (Norway). All mayors highlighted the role [...]

Statement: GPM stands in solidarity with the Mayor of El Hatillo Caracas, Venezuela

The Hague, September 22, 2017 - The GPM stands in solidarity with mayor David Smolansky, of El Hatillo (Caracas), who sought political asylum in Brazil on September 14, 2017.  Mayor Smolansky is a widely respected member of the opposition party, Mesa de Unidade Democrática (MUD). On 9 August 2017, Venezuela´s Supreme Tribunal for Justice (TSJ) sentenced mayor [...]

Critical issues on the program of the GPM Annual Convening 2017

Empowering Cities, Resilient Cities, Safe Cities and Inclusive Cities are the critical issues on the program of the GPM Annual Convening 2017. Empowering Cities: The GPM advocates for the right of cities to self-governance and to act on critical issues impacting humankind. Cities do not need to ask for permission from their national counterparts to [...]

It´s time for cities to lead

Bristol, July 5 - If the test of successful political leadership could be distilled to a single issue, the fight to safeguard our climate would be a strong candidate. With President Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Change Agreement (COP21), he abdicates a claim to serious leadership. Instead, he has vastly diminished the power and prestige [...]

NEW MEMBER: Business Region Aarhus (Denmark)

Aarhus, June, 2017 - 12 Mayors representing Business Region Aarhus in Denmark have joined the Global Parliament of Mayors. The signing ceremony took place at the People's Political Festival (Folkemoedet); an annual political event which runs over four days in June. This year, the festival gathered around 100,000 people, individuals as well as interest groups, [...]